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Last night I had a chance to go see a friend's band play in Fayetteville, so I asked Brian if he wanted to go see the Kory Montgomery Band play, and he agreed.

The problem was the show started at 10:30pm, so it was going to be a late night, no matter what... and, I wanted to work on the basement today, so I had planned to leave after an hour or so and get home at a decent time.

However, the show was really good, and Brian and I met up with some other people from work (Master Karlak, aka "Karl" my office room-mate and his friends), so we ended up staying for the entire show... which ended at 1:45-ish... AM... which meant I was hungry from being up too late... which meant a trip to Denny's was necessary... which meant I'd break my diet... which meant, "There's no point in steering now, eh?" which meant, "I'll have the Heartland Special and a Diet Coke..." which should've meant, "I'll have the Heart-attack special..." which meant it came with scrambled eggs, mixed with potatoes, mushrooms, onions, peppers, sausage, bacon, and cheese, and included hashbrowns, sausage, bacon, and 3 pancakes... which meant I had to eat it all... which meant I drove home sometime around 3:30am... which meant I fell asleep around 4:15am... which meant I overslept this morning... which meant I didn't work on the basement... ugh...


Here's a picture from my cell phone of the place we were at last night:


All in all, I can't complain - the band was great, and it was nice to hang out with some people from work. I'm a bit ticked I didn't get anything done today, but I'll hit it hard tomorrow and this week. I *have* to have the insulation done before I leave for New Jersey on Friday (weekend trip).

I'm off to wash the car.

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