Phase II

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On Sunday, I took delivery of phase II of the materials necessary to finish the home theater. The Lowes truck delivered:

30 sheets of 4x8x5/8" drywall
12 sheets of 4x12x5/8" drywall
5 sheets of MDF
5 sheets of 7-ply baltic birch
2 sheets of 23/32" OSB
16 rolls of insulation
30 2x4x12 lumber
6 2x4x16 treated lumber
A bunch of painting supplies
A bunch of drywalling supplies
A Bosch 2.25HP plunge router and 4 bits
A Dewalt drywall screw gun
And a few other miscellaneous tidbits (ceiling fan, etc)

I spent this weekend running speaker wire (300 feet of 12/2 in-wall THX certified wire), and trying to run my video cable (only to realize it was too short by about 5 feet...).

I also bought our couch, which will be delivered sometime in August.

I hope to have the stage framed by next weekend, at which point I'll insulate and then it's drywall time... eeek!

Hope everyone had a good 4th of July. I mowed the lawn today and worked on the basement.


Save the big sheets for me!

Are you still on schedule for August? Looks like you've still got lots of work to do.

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