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The theater is coming along nicely... I'm a *tad* behind, but not much - I'll make up the difference by Wednesday night, so things should be on schedule again.

Here's the progress so far:

That's looking "into" the theater from where the outer-most 2nd row seat will be. 2nd row seats will be on a 10" riser.

Sitting on the stage, looking "out" of the theater. In hindsight, I made the stage way too tall, but the thing is so solid (I'm convinced it could survive a direct mortar hit), I can't even contemplate making it shorter...

Looking at the new closet, the theater main entry, and the door to upstairs.

Looking into the closet, which measures 6'x5'. It'll have a 24" door to maximize the room inside of it.

We'll be hanging drywall by Thursday. With any luck, drywall and tape will be done by next Thursday, at which point, I can start painting...

All that's left:

- Build component rack (in stage; face is done, need to build shelves)
- Drywall & tape/mud
- Prime/paint
- Install carpet
- Install doors
- Install trim
- Finish wiring (install sockets on outlets)
- Install projector, screen, and audio components
- Install seating
- Enjoy movies

In other news, I blew my diet tonight... Amy helped me with the insulation this afternoon, and we didn't finish until around 7pm, so we were both starving, and neither of us were in the mood to make any food, so we ordered Pizza Pro... ugh. Good thing I only ate an entire medium bacon pizza...

Now I'm off to take a shower (so I can get this itchy fiberglass off me) and hit the bed. My back is killing me, and 6:30am will roll around all too early...


can't wait to help...wait, yes I can wait. I'm so lazy.

It makes me tired just looking at the pics! I'm really sorry I can't come to help you paint (not really). I'll wait till it's all done and then I'll watch movies with my grand"kids".

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