The dreadful part is done

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I completed the stage this weekend. Wow - what a job that was. I had been dreading it all week - I knew it would be a monster job... I cut the final facing for the subwoofers, cut the 2nd layer for the top of the stage, built the cabinet that will hold the audio equipment (and amps), and did a little more bracing work to the stage. I can safely say that at this point, the stage is 90% done.



As you can also see, the drywall is almost done. Once done, we can start painting, then we'll hang the doors, install the carpet, and do the trim work. We're in the home stretch now. :-)

Oh, and here's a picture of our pal, Lump-Lump. He's the sweetest bird ever.


I'm covered in sawdust, so it's time for a shower.


looks great. I can feel the bass pounding already.

Looks good Steve. Can't wait to see it.

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