They're here!

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I came home from work today to discover FedEx had left 4 packages on my front step. The packages were large and heavy, so that could only mean one thing: SUBWOOFERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at these bad boys:


I set the crock pot next to it for comparison... that's a 6qt crock.

18" of Ascendent Audio Avalanche goodness. I can't wait to hear these monsters rumbling. They weigh about 50lbs each (each box was 59lbs), and are absolute animals. I'm tempted to hook them up right now and listen to them free air... EEEEEK!

Ok... must calm down...


Nah, to heck with it! I'm going to go unpack the other three and just stare at them for a few hours... while drooling... and smiling...

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