Soooooo close....

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We're almost there... had a big weekend.

Finished: painting, lights, 2 of the 3 doors, cabinet, final wiring, speaker distribution block wiring, sconces, and a few other things.

All that's left: carpet needs to be installed, hang screen, mount projector, do trim work, build riser, install chairs, and our closet door needs to arrive (it's on order)...

I don't think the closet door or trim work will be done by the time my family gets here, but everything else should be all set. With any luck, the carpet will be installed on Tuesday, the projector will arrive on Tuesday, and I'll be all done by Wednesday night.


The entry (it's not trimmed yet, and our closet door was the wrong size (I used 5/8" drywall, so it threw off the jambs).

Looking in to the theater; you can see the new sconces, and the side surround speakers.

The left front corner/side, with door to the crawlspace.

The front stage - almost done... the tops are drying (they're the 3rd layer of the "top." (2x 14-ply Baltic Birch + 3/4" MDF)

The amp area and cabinet. The gap is for future growth, plus it serves as an access hole in the event that I need to work on something. I have to build a plate for it, but that'll be sometime in the future.

Looking out toward the back of the theater (just took it a second ago, as I type this from my laptop while sitting on the speakers/stage).

Keep your fingers crossed for carpet...


Wow, that looks awesome. I was hoping you'd get some photos up this weekend. I know red wasn't your first choice in color but it seems to have worked out well. Great choice on the sconces. I'm 100% jealous of your hard work.

Wow! Can't wait to see it!

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