STILL No Carpet...

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Free advice: If you're in any type of a hurry, or have any type of a deadline, avoid Lowes at all costs. I've been waiting on carpet since August 8... they don't call you, they tell you it will be in "tomorrow," and even after it does come in, they don't update you with an installation date/time. Ugh!!!

All Lowes incompetency aside, we did get the chairs moved downstairs and set-up (thanks to Brian, Karl, and Amy). If the carpet ever gets installed, we'll move the chairs out, I'll assemble my riser, and we'll be in business.

Here's a picture of the chairs all lined-up...


Here are some poor photos of the theater in action:

Finding Nemo...

The Incredibles...

Those pictures are 100% untouched, and the projector is not calibrated or dialed-in - it's exactly like it came out of the box, so once I get a chance to properly set-up the projector, the image should improve. And *if* I ever get carpeting, the sound should improve as well.

The screen measures 10'3" x 5'0". I'll put a frame around it after a while.. for now, I'm going to enjoy it "as is."

In other news, my family stopped down to visit last weekend, and we had a great time. We watched a few movies (naturally): X-Men, Pirates of the Carribean, I Robot, and The Incredibles, and we went to Eureka Springs, Fayetteville, and did a few other things. They left on Sunday morning, and Amy, Karl and I went to Joplin for some Pizza by Stout and to buy a new gas trimmer (MO sales tax is half of what it is in Arkansas).

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