Almost there...

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Well, we finally got the carpet situation fixed. I called Lowes on Wednesday, and they sent the carpet crew back out. Apparently, the tack strips had broken in several spots, so they replaced them, and now the carpet seems to be ok.

Here's what it looks like:



The carpet is Mohawk Premiere, 25-year warranty with stain guard protection and a premium, odo-ban pad. The carpet feels *really* nice, and the dogs love to lay on it. Regis gets in the room and immediately lays down, and refuses to leave... so, we have to carry him out.

Oh, and I sure hope the price of gas starts to drop... Amy filled-up the Tahoe today (thankfully she's only driving it 5-6 miles a day) for a whopping $54.25. Whew. That one hurt.


Looks great Steve. Glad the carpet problems got fixed. Now enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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