I think my house is going to crumble

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I was re-wiring the Home Theater's stereo equipment tonight, trying to get rid of a slight "hum" that has surfaced since adding a Dish receiver to the system (I added a Furman AC Line Conditioner, a 3GHz isolator, and a ground bar to the satellite feed). I also added a second 120mm fan to the cabinet, to help cool the receiver, as I felt it was getting too warm.

I fixed the hum... and then realized that I had my subwoofer's parametric EQ system completely misconfigured. So, I did some tweaking on it, and the subs are truly overwhelming now... I had previously run the sub amplifier at "-10" volume (it goes from -80 to +20)... It's now on -70, and is still scary powerful.

As an example, I had the receiver's volume set to about -30 (it goes from -80 to +5), the sub amp at -70, and I went up stairs... the stove was rattling, as were the dishes, the bathroom fixtures, the shower stall, and the floor was literally "heaving" in spots...

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