New Faucet

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We replaced our kitchen faucet this weekend. We went from:


to this:


It's a Kohler, and we found it at Lowes for $200. So far so good - it's a massive improvement over the old one, which appears to have been a "builders special" (i.e., $29.95).

And, as I sit here in the basement, watching ESPN HD's Sunday night game, I realize how much I miss going to live football games... I never went to that many when in Wisconsin, but at least I could. Here, there's nothing really worth going to -- I hate the Razorbacks, and there are no pro teams... I could go to KC and see a Chiefs game (ick), or to Dallas and see a Cowboys game (barf), but it's not the same as a Badgers or Packers game...

Maybe next year I'll have to plan a few weekend road trips for some games -- go see the Packers again, and maybe someone else, like Jaguars, Titans, or someone like that. Heck, even an Eagles game might be sort of fun...


Green Bay Packers vs. Atlanta Falcons
Georgia Dome
Nov. 13, 2005
Kickoff 4:15PM

The Falcons and Packers last played in the Packers first and last games of the 2002 season. The Falcons dropped the season opener 37-34 in overtime at Lambeau, but defeated the Packers 27-7 in Green Bay on January 4, 2003 to end the Packers '02 postseason and hand them their first-ever home playoff loss.

Don't forget the up and coming Milwaukee Brewers. They've been really exciting to watch this year. We'll get the tickets!

And then maybe we can have dinner! Except we won't be in Beaver Dam anymore... movin' on up to the east side... oh, wait. No. We're moving to Fond du Lac.

Hi Beenie-

I saw that you and Pari were getting a new apartment - that's cool, and congrats. My folks still live in BD - I'm guessing you'll be moved by Xmas time.

Enjoy the new pad, and say hi to Pari (and kitty) for me. :-)

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