Strike 3 for Lowes

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Well, the carpet was installed, but... well, you be the judge:

Carpet along the wall:


Notice the "bump" along the wall? Well, I was looking at the carpet, and I thought it felt a little loose... so, I take a little dig at it with my index finger, and:


Hmm, that doesn't seem right... check the rest of the room, and I can basically move the entire carpet just by sliding my feet around on the carpet. Great work, Lowes! You guys are the best!!

I'm seriously done with Lowes... I can't wait for the Home Depot to open in our area - it'll be done in a month or so. I tried, and tried, and tried to like Lowes - I thought they were great, actually - but then I started having one problem after another, and no one there seems to care or have any idea of what "customer service" means. I even talked to the store manager about my carpet problems, and I got a "I'm sorry," but that was it. Nice, eh?

Any way, here's what the carpet looks like:




Now, if it would only stay in place, I'd be really happy. They (Lowes) were supposed to have someone call me today to come out and fix the problem, but alas, no phone call. I won't be holding my breath for them to call.... I'm sure I'll have to call them a half-a-dozen times before someone comes out to look at it, and then I'm sure they'll have an attitude about it, and the "repair" will probably be crummy. I can only pray that Lowes goes into bankruptcy some day.

That's what I get for trying to save a few dollars. I should've gone through a real carpet store. :-(

Anyway, I don't mean to harp on Lowes, but dang it, talk about frustration.

On a more serious note, please consider donating to the Humane Society. I hate to think of all of the helpless dogs/cats/horses/etc. that are suffering as a result of the hurricane. If I could, I'd donate a million dollars to help them out...


I just donated to the Humane Society, I feel bad for all the critters down there. Hope the theater project is going well.

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