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My new biggest pet peeve

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...and reason #817283748929187373746565819172636545478 to hate the Bella Vista POA...

I tried to go to the driving range tonight. I wanted to buy a small bucket of balls (maybe 30 balls) and hit a few, in preparation for tomorrow's golf outing.

No new news

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Things have been quiet here - nothing new to report. Sorry. :-)

Lump-Lump's new home

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Lump-Lump, our bird, has had a crummy litte cage that measured 16"x14x"14", and was so cheap and flimsy that we had to keep Lumpy on top of our entertainment center so that the cats wouldn't bother him. I think that if a cat took one swipe at his old cage, the cage would've fallen apart... it wasn't anything nice at all.

So, since Lumpy is now a permanent resident at the Casa de Geeky, we decided to do him a little justice and get him a home worthy of his wonderful nature. We found this bird cage designer called Designer Aviary, and while they were expensive, we soon came to find out that all bird cages are expensive... So, we bit the bullet and ordered a nice cage for Lumpy.

It arrived today, and I have to say, we're really impressed. It's a gorgeous cage - more like a piece of fine furniture - and Lumpy seems to like it. I opened his old cage, he hopped on my finger, and I set him in the new cage - he instantly started exploring the wooden perches and singing like crazy.

He's also got his own built-in bird bath, two feeder bowls, and his toys from "the old place," so I think he'll really enjoy it.

Here are a few quick pictures - I'll get some better ones when it's light out. The cage is Cherry wood with a natural stain; the grates are powdercoated black.




Now we need to figure out a place to put it... hmmm....

Where do we go from here?

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I was having a casual conversation with Brian about this the other day, and I didn't think much about it when I said it, but I can't stop thinking about it, so I'll throw it out to everyone who reads this horrible blog...

(click link to finish reading - it's a long one...)

Ok - I lied...

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Here are a few more pictures from the theater... A guy on one of the A/V message boards that I frequent was asking about the Panasonic AE700U projector (it's the one I have). He wanted to know what the picture would look like on a certain type of screen, so I took a few quick pictures and posted them. I think they look pretty good, especially for a $80 screen solution. :-)

Peter Parker's eyes from Spiderman. Notice the pores in his skin? How's that for detail, especially on a 133" screen?

Mary Jane and Peter in the cafeteria. On the full-sized image, you can see MJ's hair strands. Color isn't too bad either, for an uncalibrated projector.

Spiderman in the burning building, with the Green Goblin.

And one more shot of the room - taken at about 6:30pm, with curtains closed.

New Feature: Drivers by State

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Welcome to my newest feature - "Drivers by State." In this sure-to-be-entertaining new series, I'll take an in-depth look at the drivers from each of our fifty fine states, examine their idiosyncracies, point out their flaws, and point out any unique identifiers.

For our first installation, I'd like to start with Oklahoma drivers.

State: Oklahoma
Easy Identifier: Look for the driver that's oblivious to everything.
Watch Out For: Erratic moves without using signals, extreme tailgating, regularly running red lights, road hogging, random lane changes, random parts falling from vehicle, and complete jack@$$edness driving.
Distinction: The world's *worst* drivers, bar none.


(story continues after clicking link)

This will probably be one of the last posts I make about the theater, unless I add something new (like a new screen, or something like that), as it's basically done. I say "basically" because all that's left is the baseboard/door trim and the wall plate for the light switches. I'll probably finish that stuff within the next few weeks, but for now, I'm just enjoying it "as is."

We hung a curtain a few weekends ago, and finished the riser. The front row of seats need to be attached together, but that only takes about 5 minutes, and we've basically only been using the 2nd row, so it hasn't been a priority. I suppose I'll attach them all this weekend...

Anyway, here are some pictures, and sorry for the "grainy" nature of the photos - I shot them at ISO 3200, and as a result they're quite noisy. I tried to adjust them after the fact, but it's so dark in there that it's difficult to get good photos. :-)

Picture taken while standing on the stage, trying to get as much of the room in the photo as possible.

The new curtain and curtain rod (brushed nickel, to match the sconces) - it has a "blackout curtain" behind it, so even during daylight it's 100% black in the theater.

A view from the left-front seat - those 4 18" subs are going to be the death of me and the house...

Another shot of the seats - trying to show the 2nd row "riser." The second row sits 12" higher than the front row, on a 6'x13' riser that's covered with black carpet (I'm going to cover the stage with the same stuff, eventually).

The view from my favorite seat.... ahhh... 133" of HD goodness. :-)

And my newest toy - it just arrived today:


A 4GB Apple iPod Nano (center). The thing is unreal - it's *tiny*, and has an ultra-sharp color display. I tried to use other objects to communicate how small it is - that's a 3.5" floppy disk on the left, and a 128mb USB thumb-drive on the right. I've got 780 songs on the Nano, and still have more than 1GB free... I'm lovin' it.

I quit the internet

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I can't take it anymore. I try, and try, and try - through buying thousands of dollars worth of waxes, spending thousands of hours testing, evaluating, researching, and studying products, and no matter how clearly I try to explain things and try to help people out by exposing some of the mistruths that are out there, there is a small group of idiots that want to keep eating the BS that unscrupulous manufacturers feed to them (and then they beg for more).

It's so frustrating. So, I'm done. No more message boards. I'm going to use the internet like everyone else does - for fun, for e-mail purposes, and to do a little research... no more "helping" people. I'm done.