I quit the internet

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I can't take it anymore. I try, and try, and try - through buying thousands of dollars worth of waxes, spending thousands of hours testing, evaluating, researching, and studying products, and no matter how clearly I try to explain things and try to help people out by exposing some of the mistruths that are out there, there is a small group of idiots that want to keep eating the BS that unscrupulous manufacturers feed to them (and then they beg for more).

It's so frustrating. So, I'm done. No more message boards. I'm going to use the internet like everyone else does - for fun, for e-mail purposes, and to do a little research... no more "helping" people. I'm done.


Hi Steve!!

Don't get discouraged, there are MANY MANY more that read your posts and appreciate your research, time (and money)spent and finally, your honesty in exposing the truth.
It is a rare find for someone not to have an "agenda" of some sort and I believe there is more of that going on than meets the eye, that is where a lot of the "idiot" posts you speak of come in...

Ya know, one thing I have discovered over the last few years is that once you post, letting everyone in on the truth, is is up to them to either believe the truth for what it is, or continue to be suckered in by marketing, fancy advertising, big business with a huge budget (what was it Barnum said, lol!!)

At this point, I am going to say you are one of the..., if not "the" most knowledgable guy out there when it comes to waxes, polishes and other detailing supplies, with that knowledge you really do have a responsibility to the public, at least the public that is looking for the "real scoop" on products.
(there are more out there than you think that rely on your posts, tests and expertise).

I realize it can get discouraging when trying to convince someone that they are being "had"..., however,

When you post "inside information", it is appreciated by a great multitude of people, you give people a "choice" which otherwise they do not have.

With that said, remember,
"It is not your responsibility to convince anyone of anything".
Even if it was, it is an impossible task!!
Offer the information, allow people to decide with the evidence you have presented and leave it at that:)

You will feel much better, IMO, if you continue to post, it is now your responsibility and many many people do rely on your knowledge.

You did "your part".
Some will agree, others will not.
There are those of us that read your posts and do not join in trying to "convince someone" as there are times it is a "hopeless case" right off the bat and you can tell someone is stuck in a rut or blind, or whatever the case may be.

Post what you know,
allow everyone to decide what they want to accept as fact,
if there are those that would rather believe peer pressure, hype, marketing, using a product to be in the "in crowd" or to feel special because it is way overpriced etc, etc..., so be it-
There are those that do have an open mind and will weigh the evidence and make a decision based on facts..., but you will never be able to convince some, that is something they will have to do themselves.

(reminds me of an alcoholic, there is denial, everyone around them knows there is a problem, but you can not convince them, they have to do that for themselves)

Sorry for the rant, just wanted to say-
Keep on keepin' on!!!

I appreciate the comments and encouragement, but I'm done. Been thrown under the bus/worn out by people's complete ignorance one too many times. And besides, there are people out there that "know everything, no matter what," so I'll leave them to educate folks from now on.

I'm going to enjoy my little corner of the world and not worry about trying to "get to the bottom" of things any more. Let the Lee's and Bob's of the world enjoy the bliss that comes from ignorance and the attitude of, "Don't try to tell me the facts, I've already made up my mind."

I'm seriously done. I don't miss posting on Roadfly, and I won't miss posting on the other sites either. It just reinforces the old saying, "the more people I meet, the more I like my dog."

Hi Steve,
I'm at Joanne's and just showed Joanne and Judy and Grandma Meekma your theater. They really like it.


Hi Steve,
I'm at Joanne's and just showed Joanne and Judy and Grandma Meekma your theater. They really like it.


Very cool Theatre! Lots of work but, by the looks of it well worth the effort, I'm talking results! Thanks for the Blog connection and lets keep in better touch. Skype=dfirenze

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