Lump-Lump's new home

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Lump-Lump, our bird, has had a crummy litte cage that measured 16"x14x"14", and was so cheap and flimsy that we had to keep Lumpy on top of our entertainment center so that the cats wouldn't bother him. I think that if a cat took one swipe at his old cage, the cage would've fallen apart... it wasn't anything nice at all.

So, since Lumpy is now a permanent resident at the Casa de Geeky, we decided to do him a little justice and get him a home worthy of his wonderful nature. We found this bird cage designer called Designer Aviary, and while they were expensive, we soon came to find out that all bird cages are expensive... So, we bit the bullet and ordered a nice cage for Lumpy.

It arrived today, and I have to say, we're really impressed. It's a gorgeous cage - more like a piece of fine furniture - and Lumpy seems to like it. I opened his old cage, he hopped on my finger, and I set him in the new cage - he instantly started exploring the wooden perches and singing like crazy.

He's also got his own built-in bird bath, two feeder bowls, and his toys from "the old place," so I think he'll really enjoy it.

Here are a few quick pictures - I'll get some better ones when it's light out. The cage is Cherry wood with a natural stain; the grates are powdercoated black.




Now we need to figure out a place to put it... hmmm....


What a good looking bird. And I love the name, where did you find such a cute name?? It reminds me of my childhood.

Oh and the cage is beautiful too.

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