My new biggest pet peeve

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...and reason #817283748929187373746565819172636545478 to hate the Bella Vista POA...

I tried to go to the driving range tonight. I wanted to buy a small bucket of balls (maybe 30 balls) and hit a few, in preparation for tomorrow's golf outing.

I race home after work, drop some things off at the house, and race over to the driving range. The sign on the door says, "Open Monday - Saturday: 10am - 6pm" Excellent - it's only 5:30, so I've got a good half-an-hour.

I try to open the door - it's locked. I walk around the side of the building - the door is locked. I walk around the back of the building and that door is locked. There's two guys inside the building, and one of them unlocks the door.

"Sorry, we're closed," he says.

"But you're supposed to be open until 6pm," I said.

"We stop selling balls at 5:45pm," he says.

"But it's 5:31pm," I say.

"Sorry," he says.

Well, needless to say, I flew off the handle on him and let him know exactly what I thought about his "We're open when we're open" policy. He's a G^#^@*#^D!!! D#^@^#(!&%^%#MN Bella Vista POA employee - he should be open until the hours he's supposed to be open. Don't give me this crap about closing a half-an-hour early, not when it's 70F outside on an October evening, the sun's setting, and I'm paying your @*&#$(*^@#&^^!!! salary through my outrageous )(*@#*&$^!^ POA dues.

Nothing horks me more than people who sherk their responsibilities because they want to go home early, especially when they're in a retail business. I remember working jobs where I'd have loved to have been able to close up shop 20 minutes early and go home, but if I'd have even thought about it, I would've been fired.

And today, I stayed at my job until 5:00pm, like I'm supposed to, made sure my work was completed, and then left. Had I followed this bozo's rules, I'd have shut down my office at around 4:15 and headed home....

But nowadays, it's like anyone can close up whenever they feel like it... from McDonald's to the Gym to the driving range... "Well, it's almost time to close up shop, so I think I'll shut down early and be home by closing time."

God I hate Bella Vista. It's such a backwards, rape-and-take-advantage-of-the-residentes and then-when-we're-bankrupt-we'll-dream-of-new-ways-to-extort-more-money from everyone "city."

I'm tempted to drive the car over to that driving range tonight and do about 100,000 burnouts on their crummy tee-boxes. Stupid idiots. UGH!!!!!!!!!!

I know some folks will say, "It's his business - he can do what he wants to, and if he closes up early, he'll go out of business." But that's where you're wrong - he's a POA employee!!! POA = our "city" government. I like to refer to the Bella Vista POA as the Bella Vista POS... and now you know why I do that - this is just one of many &*^@#&*^$*&^@# typical screw-ups this city regularly performs.

Don't even ask me about my water bill screw-ups compliments of the POS.


As soon as I stop laughing about the 100,000 burnouts you are going to do....

How about those water bill screw ups?

You're just trying to torture me, aren't you?

My water bill has been $25 - $28 per month for the past 4.5 years. I always use about 2000 gallons of water per month.

So, earlier this year, the POS decided to "upgrade" their billing system. Well, my first bill on their "new" system showed that I owed $65, and that I used 6000 gallons of water.

The next month, I supposedly used 7300 gallons of water, but my bill was only $33. The month after that, I supposedly used 2500 gallons, and my bill was $55.

So, I went out and read my meter a day after they read my meter, and I got a reading of 1152. Yet on my bill, which came about 5 days after the reading, it showed my meter reading was "90" and my water bill was $67, for 4500 gallons used.

I called to inquire about it, and was basically told that I didn't know how to read a meter, and that it was all very complicated and that I wouldn't understand it.

I replied that I knew how to do basic subtraction, and that there was no way in hell I was using 7000 gallons of water, and that I wanted proof from them that I was using that much water... I also asked how the number "90" translates to "1152" and I was told that the meter reader showed a reading of "90" when he read my meter.

I told them they needed to get the meter reader a new pair of glasses, and that they needed to buy a clue for the idiot who set-up their new system, because both were about as worthless as a snorkel on the Titanic.

... I can't wait for this month's water bill.

Man Steve- you could honestly probably make a show of your life. Reminds me of Larry David in a lot of ways. We miss you over at DC, there is way too much positivitey over there now. Hope you're doing well man.


PS. Its been 3 1/2 weeks since I've washed my car, and I don't care!

The way I figure it you guys will have to move back to WI in about 2 years, after you piss off everyone in Arkansas. Yeah! PS. Some of "us" have had to read city water meters for work.

Holy crap Steve! That is some of the funniest $#!^ I have ever heard. Sorry about the anal raping your taking over there in Hellavista. It's even more funny since you suggested that we leave 20 minutes early from work today. As for reading the water meter... When the little hand points to 52 and the BIG hand points to the 11, clearly that equals 90. Remembur huked ahn fahnix werked fur mee.

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