Ok - I lied...

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Here are a few more pictures from the theater... A guy on one of the A/V message boards that I frequent was asking about the Panasonic AE700U projector (it's the one I have). He wanted to know what the picture would look like on a certain type of screen, so I took a few quick pictures and posted them. I think they look pretty good, especially for a $80 screen solution. :-)

Peter Parker's eyes from Spiderman. Notice the pores in his skin? How's that for detail, especially on a 133" screen?

Mary Jane and Peter in the cafeteria. On the full-sized image, you can see MJ's hair strands. Color isn't too bad either, for an uncalibrated projector.

Spiderman in the burning building, with the Green Goblin.

And one more shot of the room - taken at about 6:30pm, with curtains closed.



That is VERY nice!!!
I know you put in a lot of hard work, time and $$$ and it is now payoff time, time to kick back with a movie and some great sound.

I will be over tonight and will even supply the popcorn:) 6pm sound good, lol!!

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