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Amy, Brian, and I went to Eureka Springs today with the intention of shooting some pictures for Brian. For those not aware, Brian has a website that includes a blog, and links to various other projects he's working on.

I had a blast - it was really fun to walk through Eureka (a place we've been to dozens of times) while looking for locations to shoot pictures. Brian wanted pictures that had texture and "feel" to them. Other than wanting them shot in black and white, he didn't have many requirements, so we just went walking and shooting. His ultimate goal for the pictures is to use them on his website and as part of some of his music/movie projects. Hopefully there'll be a few good ones that he can use.

Here are a few shots that I pulled out at random - I hope he doesn't mind that I posted them here... :-) If you do, Brian, just let me know, and I'll take them down.

(click to see each photo larger)


This photo was taken in a stairway just off the "main street" in Eureka. There was a single light bulb above the door in this stairwell, and it gave a great effect to the photo.



This photo was taken on the stairs to the Crescent hotel. I was sitting about 20 yards away from Brian, and zoomed in on him and the guitar. I tweaked the exposure just a bit to give the guitar a bit of a glow.



This was taken at the church just below the Crescent Hotel. I overexposed it one stop to exaggerate the contrast, and then tweaked the levels a little in Photoshop.



This is a cat that we saw at the Crescent Hotel. I loved its markings, so I snapped a few shots of him.



The Crescent is supposed to be a haunted hotel (it's been featured on various TV shows), and there's a church across the street from it... we thought these statues were interesting.



We had great weather today - it was in the low 70s, sunny, and gorgeous. We ended the day with dinner at a great little bar/pub called "Big Dawg." We had some burgers, some fries, and watched the Packers get beat. :-)

Thanks for asking me to help you out today, Brian. We (Amy and I) enjoyed it!


You must have used a "handsome" filter on your camera. I've never looked so good. Thanks for helping out.

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