Final post of 2005

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Happy New Year to everyone, hope you had a great 2005 and that you'll have an even greater 2006.

2005 was a wonderful year for us. My new job is fantastic - I love going to work each day, and would continue to work there even if I won the lottery (unless I won a 300+ million dollar lottery... then I'd probably quit). The people are awesome, the management is by far the best I've ever encountered, and I really enjoy what I do. I've met a lot of great people, and have made some really great friends. I can't believe I landed a job like this - it's that good.

Christmas was good, even if it cost us a fortune ($1165 for a roof rack, $350+ in gas (that roof rack killed us on the way home, thanks to 30mph headwinds for 700 miles), plus present costs) to go to WI. I could've flown first class for less... :-) It was great to see our families and to catch up with friends that we haven't seen for about a year (or more).

We're both thankful for our relatively good health, and have vowed to go on serious diets beginning in 2006. I'll probably start a diet category, ala my friend Brian, and will note my progress on a regular basis. We got a new scale for Christmas, and it measures body fat, so I'll prepare to be embarrassed as I post numbers...

Our pets are all healthy and doing well, as are our wonderful neighbors. The house is doing well, and the home theater is fantastic, even if it is cracking the upstairs walls and ceiling. I hope no prospective house buyers of mine ever read this blog...

I guess that's about it. I'm off work until January 3, and then I head to Detroit on the 6th for the Detroit Auto Show. I'll post pictures and info from Detroit, but will otherwise be pretty quiet - I don't foresee much posting taking place between now and then.

Amy and I are staying in tonight - just watching TV and will probably go to bed early. My back is killing me - I spent the day working in the garage (I got rid of all of my old car wax stuff today)... tomorrow I'm going to wash the cars, and Nat may be coming over with Tanner... if he does, I'll post some pictures. Cheers to all!

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