Madison - the 'ole stompin' ground

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Amy and I went to Madison today, and you can't go to Madison without going to State Street... for those not familiar with the area, State Street is a street that's about 6 blocks long and starts at the capitol building and runs to the edge of the UW-Madison campus. They don't allow any cars (other than police cars, buses, and some delivery vehicles) on the street, so you're pretty much free to walk where ever you'd like.

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We started out by going to Steve & Barry's - a clothing shop that sells UW apparel. Across the street from Steve & Barry's is the State Street Brat - a bar that specializes in selling some fantastic brats (as well as beverages).

State Street Brat

We then continued our way up State Street - we stopped at the Urban Outfitter, and a few other stores. It was pretty miserable weather, so we didn't get a lot of photos - but, here's what we did manage to snap photos of:

Looking "up" State Street, toward the capitol building.

We've never gone to this place, but the name says it all...

The Burger Joint. Never been there either...

The Plaza. An infamous establishment with the college crowd. Spent many the Thursday/Friday/Saturday night there with Amy and her friends, "back in the day." They had greasy burgers that were called "Plaza Burgers" and cost all of $2. A pitcher of Bud Light (ick) was around $4 if I remember correctly. A jukebox sat in the middle of the place and would blast 80's music (mostly Madonna and Rick Springfield) all night long.

After a while, we finally grew tired of walking around, freezing, so we did some driving around and then went to the Great Dane Pub to meet some friends for dinner.

The Great Dane on the corner of Doty and King, in Madison.

Notice the tap handles - they're Great Danes.

And there's all of us, sitting in the basement of the Great Dane. The place was pretty packed - I had meatloaf with mashed potatoes and green beans. Amy had a Pub Burger with fries. Jenny had a chicken croissant. Minda had a sausage platter, and Kevin had a chicken pot pie (which looked excellent).

We had a great time catching up with our friends - Kevin and Minda helped us move to AR about 4.5 years ago, and I don't think we've seen them since, so it was really good to chat with them. We stayed at the Dane until around 9pm, then headed for home.

I took a soak when we got back; Amy played some FreeCell and talked with her mom. And now, I'm ready for bed - we're headed back to Madison for a day with the family tomorrow.


Mmmmm, plaza burgers......
Maybe afterwards we can go to the City and have a limelight martini ;)

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