mmmmm Fish Fry

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I've grown to like Arkansas (for the most part), but the one thing I miss most of all about Wisconsin is the Friday Night Fish Fry. Sure, they have fish in Arkansas, but it's mostly catfish... which isn't any where near as good as a bunch of deep fried Pike or Walleye or Cod.

So, tonight, we went to Settler's Bay in Watertown, WI for some all-you-can-eat fish and chicken... mmmm...


Just look at all of that fishy goodness! Yummy! We had about 3-4 plates worth.

And french fries with potato pancakes... yum.

So, now we're stuffed and contemplating a few games of Scrabble.


Can you believe that I've lived here for over 7 years and I've never gone out for Friday Fish Fry? I think my husband needs to get on the ball...

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