Ok, ok, ok!

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Wow - between the comments, the e-mails and the phone calls, I guess I need to update this thing, eh?

Not much has been going on here. Just working, and coming home and relaxing. Most of the Christmas shopping is done - we have to get a few more things; Amy will probably finish up the shopping on Thursday (tomorrow).

Work is fine - been hanging out with my friends Brian and Karl a lot after work. We usually go out to eat somewhere after work, or go over to Karl's house. We've also had a bunch of people over for movies the past few weeks, so that's been nice.

I have to write our company's BCP (Business Continuity Plan) in January (I did our DR (disaster recovery) plan back in July)... and then I have to take on some responsibility in our data department as well, so things will be exciting next year.

That's all for now!



Please get me something good........or you will get another "scuba steve" this year......

Thank goodness you've added something...I miss seeing our posts at DC and look to see when you've updated here.

Have a fantastic Christmas and New Year!!

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