Didn't see the horses

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Spent the day in Louisville, KY today - for a business trip. Took the company jet, along with a few other folks. Had a nice flight - very smooth, very fast, and best of all - no dealing with the TSA or idiot airport staff. Private jet is definitely the way to travel. :-)

We went 602 miles in 1 hour and 15 minutes. I could get used to that... Although, we also burned through 2000-lbs of jet fuel each way - and if a gallon of fuel weighs 10-lbs, that's 200 gallons, at $3/gallon. I guess I can't complain about the Tahoe and Element getting poor fuel mileage.

Here are a few photos:

7:00am at the airport. The jet holds 6 people; I understand we may be buying a larger one soon.

Landing in Louisville - it was sunny but cold (mid 30's).

View during take-off.

It's amazing how quickly that plane accelerates and takes off. Too bad jets cost so much, or I could see myself owning one - would make weekend trips to WI quite easy, although I'm not sure how well the dogs would like it.


I wish I could take the personal jet to China this spring, istead I will take Air China and I hear they have a great track record.......

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