A tail of two animals

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It's raining cats and dogs at the geeky household. We've got two new additions to the family - one will most likely remain a permanent resident, the other is just staying here (for a few years).

Meet Ernie and Homer.

Ernie is a cat that we will most likely adopt. He has a special skin condition, wherein his skin tears extremely easily. If he rubs too hard against something like a door opening or a piece of furniture, he tears his skin. If he scratches at himself too hard, he can tear his skin. As such, he's had all of his claws removed :-(

Ernie is a lovable dude, but he's a bit mischevious. He loves to play, and as a result, we have to watch him closely around the other cats, as they all have their claws. So far, so good, though - no incidents or injuries.

Ernie loves to get into things that he's really not supposed to, and he's not afraid to check out anything. Here's a picture of him sitting "inside" an air mattress:


If you look really closely, you can see him peeking out from inside of the mattress. Kramer was observing, but is far too chicken to try such a thing himself.

Here are a few more pictures of Ernie:



If you look at Ernie's face, you'll probably notice that it's werid and puffy. One of the side effects of his condition is that he has a ton of extra skin, especially near the front half of his body. If you were to try to pick him up by the nape of his neck, the skin would just stretch and stretch and stretch, and eventually would tear. I believe they call this skin condition "Butterfly skin," because the skin is as delicate as a butterfly's wings. Amy knows more about it than I do - direct any questions about it to her, please.

And here's Homer (or "home-boy" as we call him). Homer is a dog from the BVAS that has had a really rough life. He's been adopted out a few times, and they thought they found a forever home for him, but his owner got called off to Iraq. So, he (the owner) left Homer with his Dad, but now his Dad doesn't want Homer, and was going to give him (Homer) away to someone. So, the shelter stepped in and took him in...

Unfortunately, the shelter is extremely full, and Homer has been 'abandonned' so many times, that we felt it would be best for him to have a stable home environment until his owner returns from Iraq. Homer is a dream - he's the nicest dog, and he doesn't mind the cats or the bird. He's a bit of a scrounger hound, though, and has been known to open a refrigerator or two and eat all of the contents... we'll see how things go here. :-)

Here's Homer:


Getting a drink of water, while Ernie checks him out.



That's all for now... the carpet cleaning guys are coming tomorrow to steam clean the carpets, work is going well, and everything else seems to be fine.


Dear Ernie and Homer,

Can't wait to meet you.

Love, Grandma

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