Goodbye Vern

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Just received news that a close friend of our family, Vern Wanish, has passed away after a long and valiant battle with cancer. Vern (and his wife Nancy) was a very good friend of my parents, and was a Godparent to my sister.

Some favorite memories of Vern (and the Wanish family) include: spending afternoons and/or evenings together at each other's house playing games; going to Shakeys Pizza; going to Badger football games (usually against Iowa); spending chilly fall Saturdays chopping wood with Vern and my Dad; seeing Vern and Nancy at my wedding; being surprised by Vern and Nancy as they knocked on our door one summer afternoon in 2002 - they were traveling and literally "were in the area," so they dropped by to say hello. We had a great chat, and it was the last time I saw Vern.

Vern was a stand-up guy, with a fabulous sense of humor, and I'll always remember him fondly. Godspeed, Vern. We'll miss you. Best wishes and positive thoughts to the Wanish family from Amy and me. There are tears in my eyes as I write this - this is truly a sad day.

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