I'm so not worthy.

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I'm now the proud owner of an Apple PowerMac G5 Quad.

What does that mean?

It means my computer has two (2) dual-core processors, which effectively makes 4 processors. Each processor runs at 2.5 GHz; for comparison, my previous computer was an Apple PowerBook G4 867 MHz. And, by comparison, the new computer is approximately 1200% more powerful than the old one.

I also have 6GB of RAM, compared to 768MB of RAM in the PowerBook. The video card has 256MB of RAM (the PowerBook had 32). I've got dual 250GB hard drives, plus an external 500GB firewire drive. Monitors are dual (2) Dell UltraSharp 20" Widescreen monitors.

This thing is a rocketship. It's so fast, it's unreal. I've been watching video podcasts all night, while manipulating huge Photoshop files, while browsing the web, while burning DVDs, and the machine is still basically idling. It never breaks a sweat... It's so cool - I totally love it.

Everyone asks me, "Why do you like Apple so much?" Let me show you a few reasons:

Looking inside the case, the quality of the hardware is immediately evident. Wiring is invisible (what is left exposed is extremely neat and tidy.

Liquid cooling keeps those monster processors nice and cool, even under extreme workloads.

Even the fans are quality - this fan module pushes air through the radiator; there are no wires - it's a plug-n-play system.

Harddrive mounting buttons - they screw-in to the side of the hard drive and allow the drive to sit in Apple's cool "tool-less" mounting cage. It's cool that Apple includes these inside the case - you don't have to search for a little baggie or order them special - they're included in their own little holder.

The second drive is installed (I ordered a Seagate 250GB SATA drive from NewEgg for $90 - what a bargain!); no tools necessary.

Here it is, sitting under my desk - I need to find a better location for it, but I was too excited to be patient and put it in a logical place... I'll do that in a week or so.

The dual-monitor set-up; it's so sweet. Working on freelance projects, newsletters, sound editing, video editing, etc. will be so much easier. Again, I need to find a better way to set this up, but it works for now...

I probably won't sleep for the next 5 days...

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