Tax Refund v.2005

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I swear I'm going to move to Zimbabwe. I just got back from my wonderful tax appointment with H&R Block... the good news is that they only charged me $297 this year to do my taxes (instead of $335 from last year). The bad news is that I owe a whopping $948 in taxes.

I left the car website company last year in April. And, shortly there after, I put more attention toward my consulting business, which netted me a fair amount of additional income. My day job made less money than the website job paid, and Amy's income went up just slightly from the previous year. All in all, we were up about 15% from my 2004 income.

I itemized everything, and had about $20k in deductions. I made quarterly tax payments on my extra income. But, if you're "self employed" our wonderful government (I thought the Republicans were for lower taxes and less government...funny, it doesn't seem that way - they talk a big game about how they do this and that, but in the end we still take it in the shorts) socks it to you at the end of the year, in addition to the quarterly payments you send in. I sent in over $7k in estimated payments, and I still owe another $1k at the end of the year? Ugh.

So, while all of my friends are getting nice refunds, I get to pay in. Lovely.


I hear kids are a nice tax break.....
Ha ha.....
They should allow your dogs as tax breaks, they are bigger than kids.........

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