Too Little, Too Late

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I wish companies would put as much effort into their everyday customer service as they do in trying to get you to come back to them after you give them the 'ole shove off.

DishTV has called me several times now, wondering why I've cancelled my service. They "value my opinion" and "want to know how to get me back" as a customer. They're "sorry to see me leave" and "want to do anything to make things right" by me. Yeah, right...

I just got off the phone with a wonderful young lady from Dish. She called to see why I cancelled, and I explained to her that I loathe outsourced customer support, and that I refuse to support a company that can't keep its jobs here in the US of A. She assured me that Dish had seven call centers in the USA, and that she was calling from Texas. I didn't doubt her.

I told her that every time I called Dish for help, I got someone in India or the Phillippines, and that those people were less than helpful, that they didn't deviate from their scripts, that they didn't understand my statements and that I couldn't understand them. There were clicks/pops/echoes and delays on the line. And no matter how hard I tried to reason with them or to explain that my problem wasn't related to a surround sound setting, they never once stopped to consider it.

She offered me 50% off my bill for life if I'd return as a customer. And again, I told her, "You could offer it to me for free, and I'd still be more happy to pay the cable company $1000 a month for service. Get your support back to the USA, and we'll talk."

She then said that Dish was "helping" these countries like India by giving them jobs, and that with 12-million customers, a "significant" portion of their customers appreciated the Indian support... yeah, right. I asked her how she'd feel if Dish outsourced her job, and she confessed, that she was now doing follow-up calls because her old call center was "relocated".

God, I feel sorry for those people. You had a job as a tech support person, and lost it to someone overseas, and now you have to call people like me and hear us complain about how much we loathe your outsourced support. Wow.

She asked, "What would you like me to note for your primary reason for leaving DishTV?" And I said, "Outsourced support. It stinks that Dish doesn't realize the damage it is doing to itself by trying to svae a nickel with outsourced support. As long as Dish outsources its support, I will never be a customer. Never."

She thanked me for my time, and I wished her well - I threw in a, "Hope this job doesn't get outsourced" as a parting comment, and she laughed - sort of - and then said, "Me too."

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