Haven't left the office...

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- The home office, that is - for about 30 hours. I've been working on editing our cruise photos in to a DVD... With something like 12 gigs worth of photos to sort through, organize, edit, piece together, score, mix, and compile, it's been a big job.

I'm about half-way done. If I had Final Cut Pro, my life would be much easier, but instead I'm using Apple's bundled iLife stuff, and while it's ok, it sure is painful compared to a pro application. If anyone wants to get me an early present, they can buy me Final Cut Pro - it's only $699 or so... :-)

Here's some shots of what my "work" looks like:

Thank god for dual displays - I can fit everything I need on both screens - it's a lifesaver. You'll see there's: Garageband (for mixing and scoring the film), iPhoto (for organizing), Photoshop (for editing), iTunes (for selecting music/sampling), and iDVD (for compiling/burning tracks). I've also been using M-Audio stuff for creating my own audio, but I didn't have it open in this photo.

A better shot of the right-side monitor.

Working in Garageband to put music/sound-effects/commentary to the film. I think this is Chapter 5. There will be 9 chapters when it's all done. While it's somewhat difficult to see from the photo, I've got six audio tracks going, plus the video track - trying to get it all synchronized, and the levels/fades mixed properly. It's fun, but like I said, Final Cut Pro would be soooo much better/easier to work with. I think I'm pushing the limits of what iLife can do (but heck, it was only $79)... that, or I'm really dumb, and I'm not using iLife properly.

I'm off to bed, provided that my legs still work - I've been sitting in this chair all day...


I'm anxious to view your sampling. I can't imagine the work involved!

I've got 4-5 hours of video from my trip to Brazil from a few years back that I can send you. ;) I worked on it for about an hour with Windows Movie Maker and got about 5 minutes done reasonably well, oh well.

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