Interesting facts about the cruise

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We received a daily newsletter while onboard the ship... on the last day, our newsletter contained these interesting facts:

Q: What is the Century's fuel consumption?
A: At the service speed of 21 knots, consumption is 180 tons of fuel per day and equates to 94.3 gallons per mile.

Q: What is the range when all fuel tanks are full?
A: 14 days of continuous, full power sailing.

Q: What is the diameter of the propellers?
A: Each of the 4-blade propellers are of controllable pitch and are 18.4 feet in diameter and weigh 16.4 tons. The propeller shafts are 61.5 feet long and 23 inches in diameter.

Q: How big is each engine?
A: Each engine is about the size of a big truck. Each cylinder is 18" in diameter with a 23" stroke, operating on the 4-stroke cycle. Each engine turns at 450 rpm. (For comparison, a normal-sized engine (like in a Chevy V8) has a bore and stroke of about 4" by 4").

How much food did you consume?
The Century consumes:

15,400 pounds of beef
2,500 pounds of lamb
3,100 pounds of pork
2,050 pounds of veal
1,900 pounds of sausage
3,000 pounds of chicken
2,200 pounds of turkey
5,400 pounds of fish
900 pounds of lobster
18,000 pounds of fresh vegetables
8,400 pounds of potatoes
20,000 pounds of fresh fruit
3,000 gallons of milk
320 quarts of cream
240 gallons of ice cream
4,000 dozen (or 48,000) eggs
8,000 pasteurized frozen eggs
3,500 pounds of sugar
2,600 pounds of rice
1,200 pounds of cereal
400 pounds of jelly
1,000 pounds of coffee
7,000 pounds of flour
40 pounds of herbs and spices
2,950 bottles of assorted wines
7,800 cans/bottles of beer
(and so on, and so on)

That's for a 7-day cruise with 1700 guests...

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