Thanks to all!

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Thanks to everyone for the wonderful birthday cards and gifts. It was much appreciated, and not necessary.

We didn't do much this weekend - sat around mostly... yesterday I did absolutely nothing. Well, that's not entirely true - I rearranged some cables on the computer (I got longer DVI and USB cables on Friday), so now the computer is where I want it to be. I also installed a dimmer switch on our living room lights.

Today, we went to Joplin for some Pizza By Stout (yum!), and we went to a sporting goods store for some aqua socks, and then over to Best Buy. I bought a wireless keyboard and mouse (oh, so nice) and a 60GB iPod video. This thing is totally cool. We're going to take it on our cruise next week - should be nice. You can watch videos (podcasts) on it, so we'll be entertained without having to bring along the laptop.

(Next to a pen for reference)

Sample of the video quality.

The new computer is phenomenal. Try as I might, I simply can't bog it down... :-)

Thanks again to everyone for all of the bday wishes. Thanks!

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