We're baaaaack!

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Just got back from the cruise. Wow - what a great time. All of my fears and concerns about the costs, the hassles, the pain -- all were for not. We truly had a great time - the ship was wonderful, the food was great, the service top-notch, and the islands were really something to behold.

Here are a few quick pictures - I just grabbed a few at random; I'll work on getting more (better) pictures up after a day or so.

Here's the pool/deck area - we spent a lot of time here:

The view from my parents cabin deck:

Our usual pre-dinner snack (ate by the pool, at around 4:30pm or so):

Our usual pre-dinner desert (from the "regular" buffet):

Our awesome dinner waiter, Slobodan (from Croatia):

The midnight fruit buffet (on Friday night):

Last night's (Saturday, April 15) sunset:

Where I hope to retire to (Grand Cayman):

Swimming with the dolphins (this was a blast):

Mayan ruins (we climbed this):

Like I said, I'll get more photos posted asap -- we took about 700 pictures on Amy's camera; my parents took about 160, and my sister-in-law took about 150-160. So... we'll spend some time sorting through the photos and will get more of them posted just as soon as possible.

The dogs were happy to see us - as were the cats. It's good to be home, but I can't help but wish I was back on Grand Cayman at Rum Point -- that place was amazing.


We had a wonderful time too! GREAT PICTURES. I'm anxious to see more. Got our CD off Priority Mail yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon.

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