$440,000 please

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We went to a Razorback baseball game the other night, and on our way out, I spied this beauty just sitting there in the parking lot:


That photo may be one of the worst photos you'll ever see, thanks to my craptacular cell phone's horrible camera feature. I didn't have any other camera available...

Here's what the Porsche Carrera GT (MSRP: $440,000 + taxes) looks like in real life:


I was shocked to see a half-a-million-dollar car sitting outside of a college baseball stadium... So I did some quick math to calculate the monthly payment, after luxury tax and sales tax... it would only be $9,880.20 per month for 5 years, assuming an interest rate of 4.9%. Hmm... I may have to pick-up 3-4 more jobs - then I could probably park one in my garage.

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