My achy breaky heart

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I've been having some pretty strong chest pains for the past few weeks, so I went to the doctor today. Did a blood test, had an EKG, some chest X-rays, and all that fun stuff.

Doctor wanted me to stay overnight in the hospital and have a "nuclear stress test" done tomorrow morning - I guess they put some dye in your blood, throw you on the treadmill, and see what happens... only my wonderful insurance company, Blue Cross Blue Shield, fought it and wouldn't allow it.

Thanks, Blue Cross! GOD #&$^%!!*&#^$!!! I HATE THE INSURANCE COMPANIES. They can build these multi-million dollar buildings, with lakes, golf courses, and underground parking. They profit billions of dollars and pay their CEO's tens of millions of dollars each year, but they cry and scream that they "don't make any money," and as such, they lie and steal and deprive you (their customer) of required health care procedures. (come to think of it, this sounds a lot like the airline industry...hmmm)

Each year, they increase my premiums, while they subtract from my benefits. And in the past 5 years, I've "used" at most, $800 of the $10,000+ I've paid in premiums. And now, I feel like I really need to "use" my insurance, and those morons deny my doctor's advice? Like some bean counter in some building in the middle of nowhere knows better than a doctor who's talking directly with me, seeing my symptoms, and forming an educated opinion. He's not looking at a chart and going, "83% of the people that are our customers only require ____, and by denying this claim, we'll save ourselves $____."

I love it that when I go in for a routine visit, of which my Blue Cross Blue Shield brochure promises is covered at "100%, after copay" that I still get a bill from Blue Cross Blue Shield for additional money because the "care" exceeded the allowable limit (for example, a routine physical costs $145 at my doctor's office... Blue Cross Blue Shield allows about half of that, so I pick-up the difference... Great! I pay you $2000+ a year in premiums, and you can't fork out $150 for a physcial? I already pay $20 of that $150 in "copay," and then you ding me another $60... your total out-of-pocket expense for my "well being" is a whopping $70, even though I paid you 300% of that in "premiums." Tell me how that isn't: (a) stealing, or (b) ridiculous. I guess owning an insurance company is akin to having a license to steal and print money, while not having any conscience.


I'd love to rant more (with lots of four-letter words and un-niceities) about Blue Cross Blue Shield, but I know my parents read this, so I won't. But... suffice it to say... I hate Blue Cross Blue Shield, and I truly wish nothing but the very worst of things upon them, their partners, and their employees. May you all be hit by drunken drivers and/or die in a fire, and then I hope your insurance doesn't cover your expenses. Idiots. I hate them.

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