Too awesome.

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Final Cut Pro came in yesterday, and I spent most of last night filming some content for what may be my first short film. Brian lent me his Canon GL2 digital video camera, and I filmed about 20 minutes of clips. I'm hoping I can make a 2-3 minute short film. When I got home last night from filming my sample stuff, I installed Final Cut Pro - it took about 2 hours, and when it was all installed, I used about 47 GB of disk space. WOW!

Anyway, here's Final Cut Pro, in all of its glory. In this picture, I'm importing video from the camera:


The program is complicated - really complicated. But I can tell it's going to allow me to do some awesome stuff. There'll be a learning curve, that's for sure, but wow. Wow.


Is this your first posted comment from china?
My comment is: too many(about 12 million too many) people in Beijing.

Steve - Do you use your Mac (or a PC) as a DVR/PVR? I was wondering if you have run into tuner devices for the Mac. Can you e-mail me when you have a chance?

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