Weekend Work

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It rained pretty much all day Saturday, but we managed to get a few major things done today.


I got my Sirius antenna installed on the roof - wow - what a difference that made. My office window faces to the southwest, and Sirius suggests that for best reception, you point your antenna to the North. Despite my less than optimal set-up, I was able to get a slight signal by aiming the antenna out my window, but the signal would cut out frequently. So today, I mounted the antenna (it's about the size of a book of matches) on the roof and ran the cable down to the junction box for our cable TV, and then ran it inside the house.

While I was doing that, I decided to treat myself to some cable TV in the office as well (I was, afterall, right there, working in the junction box), so I ran a second coax cable up to the office. For some reason, our house only had four cable outlets installed when we bought it... there was an outlet in the office, but I've been using it for my cable modem, so TV wasn't an option. Well, after a few minutes with the drill, a few more minutes with the drywall saw, and a $0.18 electrical box, and we had not only a 100% satellite radio signal but another cable TV outlet in the office. That makes a total of 7 outlets now, which is about right.


Now I can work on my dual monitor set-up, while watching TV, and listening to satellite radio. Ahh, this is nice!

It took about an hour to install all of the new stuff, so it wasn't too bad. I splurged on the cables and went with compression, weather-proof cables, so the total cost for both projects was about $45. I also bought a new fire extinguisher for the basement - I figured I should have one down there. It's a 5-lb Kidee ABC basement/garage extinguisher. I mounted it near the water heater.

Other news? That's about it - I can't think of anything else... I can't wait for my Final Cut Pro to come - with any luck, it'll be here tomorrow.

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