....and Action!

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I've been working on editing a mini-movie (4 minute short) with my friends, Brian and Karl. Brian wrote a really great script about an ordinary guy who has a horrible run of bad luck. He showed us (Karl and I) the script, and we were immediately taken by it. So, we spent an evening working on a test shoot - Karl and Brian came over and we spent a few hours doing a quick run-through of the script while shooting some quick footage just to see if we could "make it work."

I had a blast shooting because Karl did such a good job of acting the part (he's the "star" of the film). I think our test shoot went pretty well, and I spent a few hours editing the video down to something "continuous" so that we can review it and make notes of what needs to be changed once we start shooting the actual film.

We're aiming for a mid-to-late August premiere... once it shows locally, I'll share the movie on my blog. For now, here's a sneak peek via a screen shot of Final Cut Pro in action... :-)


I think the Oscar will go nicley right there on top of the tv.

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