Calling Nurse Regis, Paging Nurse Regis

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So for a while now (maybe 2+ years), Big Boy has had this nasty growth/skin-tag on his left rear leg. It looked like a small, deflated, purple balloon, and it just sort of dangled around on his leg, down by his ankle.

We took him to the vet a few times for it, and they suggested that we leave it alone, because it would hurt to remove it, and it would be an unnecessary surgery. So we left it alone.

Last night, however, the balloon inflated itself to the size of a small peach. It was huge and gross, and I swear I saw it throbbing. So, we called the vet this morning at 7:30am, and by 8:00am Big Boy and I were sitting in the waiting room. The vet came in, looked at it, and said, "hmmm, it's warm. Let's remove it." (Odd choice of words, but I'm not a vet, so I didn't question her)

She gave Big Boy a local anesthetic, and with a snip, some blood, and 6-7 stitches, the big throbbing thing was gone. He got a nifty little bandage, and was sent home. So far, he seems to be ok, but we did notice that his foot is quite swollen... we think his bandage might have been a little too tight, so we removed it, and we gave him some antibiotics. If it's still swollen in the morning, we'll call the vet again.

Here are some photos of Big and his bandaged leg.



And yes, the living room is filthy. You can thank that little tornado/devil's spawn in the foreground. We clean, she destroys.

Oh, and Regis tended to Big as I removed his bandage...

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