October 2006 Archives

(clap clap clap clap clap) Deep in the heart of Texas!

Spent a few days in San Antonio last week - business trip, and all that jazz. Had to attend a convention.

Was a nice place; first time I've been there. We stayed on the Riverwalk at the Westin (great hotel, by the way - I forgot how nice the Westin, St. Regis, and "W" hotels are). We arrived on Wednesday and left on Friday afternoon. Ate a lot of mexican food - and I mean, *a lot* of mexican food. We walked past the Alamo, over to the Marketplace, and saw a movie at the Imax theater. The conference ended at around 4pm each day, so we had a lot of time at night to see the sights.

Here are a few pictures (from my camera phone, so sorry for the poor quality):

The view from our Hotel:

One of our dinners (Nat ordered a Taco salad):

I think this guy thought my camera was "food":

The Alamo (and no, I didn't ask to see the basement):

Another dinner - prefaced with some chips and salsa:

One final view of the Riverwalk:

In other news, we bought a treadmill last week... just got done using it (45 minutes). I need to hit the shower.