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Fantasy Football "experts"

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This is my first year participating in a fantasy football league - a bunch of people from work formed a league, held a draft, and now we're 12 games into our 'season.' I really enjoy it, but wasn't doing too well (mostly because I drafted players that I "remembered" as being good, but in reality are really old and bad these days), so I started subscribing to and researching all sorts of fantasy football web sites.

I figured these "experts" would help me do better... man, was I wrong. This week, the general suggestion for my line-up from 5 different fantasy site experts was:

QB - Kitna (over Favre or Brad Johnson)
RB - Tiki Barber and Warrick Dunn (over Ladell Betts and Deuce Stayley)
WR - Steve Smith, Keyshawn Johnson, and Joey Galloway (over Battle, Moss, Lewis, or White)
TE - Shockey (over Winslow)
K - Nedney (over Akers or Brown)
D - Seahawks (over SF or Philly)
Flex - Ahman Green (over Thomas Jones)

Well, here's the great news... Brad Johnson had a banner day; Barber/Dunn stunk up the place (as they have all year - they have a combined 4 touchdowns on the year); Smith/Johnson/Galloway = awful this week; Shockey = horrible, thanks to that moron Eli Manning; Nedney was awful while Brown has 13 points so far (and it's only halftime); and so on....

My gut would've told me to start Favre and Brown, and maybe Winslow over Shockey, but the experts all said, "Kitna will shred Miami - look for him to have at least 2 touchdowns and at least 300 yards," and "Don't look to Brown to kick anything but point-afters. The Seahawks will dominate the Packers, and Brown won't even need to think about a FG."

Ugh. Weatherman and Fantasy football "experts" seem to be in the same league - neither is ever right...

Gobble gobble

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Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. We made the usual turkey (my one exception for my "no poultry" kick), with stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, and biscuits.



Needless to say, we've got a few leftovers. I think Amy's fixing herself a plate right now, in fact...


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I'm speechless...

Rumsfeld is out (finally).
The Senate and Congress have ousted some real losers (finally).
Missouri residents used their brains and voted for stem cell research (finally).

Now maybe we can pull our heads from our rears and figure out what to do with Iraq.

Oh, and my town finally incorporated and dumped its crappy Property Owners Association (aka extortionists), and Bentonville's ridiculous mayor was ousted. Tuesday was truly a great day.

My new home page

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This page just became my new home page.

Only two years to go...

Red Rocks

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On Thursday, I flew out to Utah with the CEO, COO, and two of our board members for a grand opening of one of our newest locations. We left our airport at 7:00am and were in Utah about 2 hours later (man, I love private jets - they rule). I helped out as much as possible with the pre-party items, and tried to help with a few other problems that existed with various computer items, and then it was picture time... Our EVP of marketing (and one of my best friends) asked me to take as many pictures as possible of the event, so I obliged - I think I took 480 pictures. Here are a few to enjoy.

The outside of our new building (I blocked out the sign on purpose).

We had a hot air balloon - here it is being fired up for the first time.

On its maiden voyage...

Then it was my turn... we're about 200 feet up in this photo.

Looking up "into" the balloon from the basket.

The balloon owner's friend.

A Utah sunset.

People stopped by and asked for rides - here's a young family returning from a voyage.

This one turned out pretty well - the lighting was almost perfect, as were the clouds.

We stayed until about 7:15pm local time, and then headed back home. I really had a good time in Utah - it was my first visit there - and I really enjoyed flying on the jet with all of the people that I really admire and respect. I'm so lucky to work where I do - it's a great place, and I love every minute of it (because of things like this!).

The balloon ride was really uneventful - the operator was extremely smooth - he knew how to get the balloon off of and back to the ground without any abruptness. I'd definitely recommend you try a balloon ride some time - it's pretty peaceful. The only eerie thing was the basket is made entirely of wicker, and it creaked every time you'd lean against it...

More to come...