Fantasy Football "experts"

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This is my first year participating in a fantasy football league - a bunch of people from work formed a league, held a draft, and now we're 12 games into our 'season.' I really enjoy it, but wasn't doing too well (mostly because I drafted players that I "remembered" as being good, but in reality are really old and bad these days), so I started subscribing to and researching all sorts of fantasy football web sites.

I figured these "experts" would help me do better... man, was I wrong. This week, the general suggestion for my line-up from 5 different fantasy site experts was:

QB - Kitna (over Favre or Brad Johnson)
RB - Tiki Barber and Warrick Dunn (over Ladell Betts and Deuce Stayley)
WR - Steve Smith, Keyshawn Johnson, and Joey Galloway (over Battle, Moss, Lewis, or White)
TE - Shockey (over Winslow)
K - Nedney (over Akers or Brown)
D - Seahawks (over SF or Philly)
Flex - Ahman Green (over Thomas Jones)

Well, here's the great news... Brad Johnson had a banner day; Barber/Dunn stunk up the place (as they have all year - they have a combined 4 touchdowns on the year); Smith/Johnson/Galloway = awful this week; Shockey = horrible, thanks to that moron Eli Manning; Nedney was awful while Brown has 13 points so far (and it's only halftime); and so on....

My gut would've told me to start Favre and Brown, and maybe Winslow over Shockey, but the experts all said, "Kitna will shred Miami - look for him to have at least 2 touchdowns and at least 300 yards," and "Don't look to Brown to kick anything but point-afters. The Seahawks will dominate the Packers, and Brown won't even need to think about a FG."

Ugh. Weatherman and Fantasy football "experts" seem to be in the same league - neither is ever right...

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