Added another one to the collection

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It's a Tauchmeister T-0131. It's *big* - really big, and the strap is really thick, which I'm not sure how much I like. Got a great deal on it - less than $100 (it's about $290 new), because I bought it from a guy online who said it was too big for his wrist. I may have to fit it with a thinner strap - this one has to be almost 1/4" thick -- I can barely bend it to fit it through the strap loops.

In other news, I'm back from Tampa - had a good trip there. And our tickets arrived for the Colorado Rockies baseball game, so we're set to go there in June. Amy's folks are headed down next weekend, and this weekend we're off to a friend's wedding shower/party (Friday night), which I'm really looking forward to. I really like both of them (I work with them both), so the party should be a good time. I think we got them a fairly decent wedding shower gift - can't say what it is, as they *might* read this before the party... I'll share afterward. :-)

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