I suppose it's time for a rant

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It's been a while since I've ranted aimlessly on my blog, so I might as well churn one out... This isn't a major rant, it's quite petty and piddly, but it's a rant, nonetheless.

We ordered some prints for our house - nothing fancy, but rather just a little something to throw on to our otherwise bare walls. A long time ago, we were at a furniture store, and we saw some of these cool retro posters that featured animals. We picked two of them out, but almost had a heart attack when we saw the price - nearly $300 each. No thanks...

So I was browsing online 2 weekends ago when I stumbled across the same prints. Here's an example of one of the prints we ordered.

As you can see from clicking the link, the print cost $39 -- quite a bargain when compared to the retail store. We ordered a few other items and the total for the order came to $87 + shipping ($9). So, about $100.

Immediately after I paid for the items, I got a screen from art.com that said, "Congratulations on your order! Here's a 25% discount coupon for your next order! Coupon expires 3/5/07." What?! A coupon that's good for 2 days? And, why offer me a 25% discount after I just dropped $100 with you? I mean, I appreciate a discount and all, and I appreciate an owner loyalty program, but why not flip me that offer in a month or two? Or better yet, how about you don't overcharge me 25% right now, and I'll buy more stuff from you in the future?

Fast forward 10 days, and I still don't have the prints. Well - that's not true. I received one of them, but the other 2 are still "in transit." They ship via USPS Priority Mail, with tracking, but for anyone who has ever tried to track an item via the USPS, you're well aware of what a futile act that is...

So art.com sent me a survey today asking what I thought of their service. Care to guess what I told them I thought of it? :-)

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