George... you brainiac...

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I hate to post twice in the same day, but I just heard Dubya' say something so incredibly dumb I wouldn't have believed it had I not heard it myself just seconds ago on Primetime Live.

(talking about the VT incident, the reporter indicates that there is belief the incident will result in a complete review of gun control laws across the country)

Reporter: Even President Bush acknowledges this incident is likely to stir discussion about gun control.

Bush: "Yes, I do believe it will cause discussion about gun control laws. But I say, 'Let's wait to make a decision until we know what happened at Virginia Tech.'"

Uh, hey genius - we all know what happened. People died. It's not like someone will release a report in 6 months that says, "the deaths were the result of food poisoning."

Holy cats. This is the guy who's leading our country... brilliant - absolutely genius. Thanks again, Ammurrricah. Thanks for voting that buffoon into office... twice.

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