New dishwasher is in

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I installed our new dishwasher this evening. It took about 1.5 hours, and was incredibly easy. I made one slight mistake that I'll correct tomorrow night - I lowered the dishwasher by about .5" because I thought it was too tall to fit into the opening, but now I wish I would've left it at its original height. It'll be easy to fix - I just have to unhook the supply and drain lines, roll the dishwasher out of its cubby and then adjust the wheels/legs. Should take about 30 minutes to fix.

The dishwasher is a Kenmore Elite with Turbo Wash. It ranked very highly in every comparison test and user review that I could find, so I'm pretty confident it'll work well. I ran a test cycle after the install was complete, and the thing is darn quiet. Not quite silent, but very quiet, nonetheless.

Here's a picture of the new beauty:


Up next will be a new oven. I've got my eye on a GE Profile... but the danged thing is $2000... so, I might have to wait a while before I buy it. Then it'll be time to finish the other half of the basement. :-)

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