The 5.5 year itch

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Amy's folks and sister are in town this weekend; they just arrived. AND, they surprised us with the best cake ever -- cake from Craig's Cake Shoppe in Verona, WI. It's the cake that we had for our wedding (in 2001), and it's pretty much the best cake in the world. Even though we're getting ready to go out to eat right now, and even though I'm on a diet, I just had to have a piece of cake now:


That, my friends, is a chocolate cake with chocolate/peanut-butter mousse, covered in a whipped vanilla topping with white chocolate shavings. SOOOOOO good.

And here's the whole thing:


They also brought us a carrot cake from the same cake shop, and a TON of Capital Brewery Island Wheat beer. Talk about a great surprise!!

I've got an idea for another blog entry about Oklahoma and how much I dislike that state, its drivers and residents, but it'll take a while to parse out, so stay tuned.

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