OKC & The Omnivore's Dilemma

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Spent Saturday and Sunday in my favorite state, reminding myself of why I hate it... that's right - I got me a little seat time in good 'ole Oklahoma again.

Some friends from work and I went to a concert in Oklahoma City. We drove out at around noon on Saturday, and arrived at around 4pm. We stayed at a Super 8 motel, which was quite interesting and not something I'd care to ever do again... I was truly afraid that my car would be missing its wheels, radio, and many interior parts by morning at the Super 8.

The good news is that nothing happened to the car, and the concert was a good time. That's not to say our trip was without adventure. Our cab driver from the hotel to the concert venue (The Ford Center in OKC) had 1 rotten tooth and we think she was high as a kite on something... that, or she was truly insane... We also got to see "Bricktown," which is a new river-walk attraction in OKC. We ate at a Denny's, a Sonic, and a McDonald's (yeah, my diet was blown this weekend). We got to see some liquor stores in the ghetto, and we bought gas from a 7-11 that could've doubled as a prison it had so many bars on it.

The group we saw? Tool. I saw them back in the late 90's while in WI and hadn't seen them since. We were able to get some really awesome seats online, courtesy of StubHub. Even though the concert was completely sold out (at $65/ticket), we got 12th row seats, on the aisle, near the center of the stage for $110 each (with taxes, shipping, and handling fees). They put on an excellent show, and I'm amazed with how accurately the engineers can reproduce sound in a large venue - it was crystal clear and perfectly mixed. I did wear ear plugs for the entire event, but it still sounded great. Tool's drummer is nothing short of amazing.

(picture isn't mine, but it is how the stage was set-up):


So, that's about it. I'm off to KC tomorrow for a day-trip. I've been running quite regularly on the treadmill - I found a program online that's called, "Couch to 5k" and it trains you to run a 5k in less than 10 weeks. I'm on week 3 and am doing pretty well - up to about 2 miles right now (mixed walking/running). I figure once I nail-down a 5k, I can try their 10k program. That'll be my limit...

Oh - almost forgot... if anyone is interested, I'm reading a book right now called The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan. It's absolutely amazing. By far the best book I've ever read so far. Read it - it'll really open your eyes to our food supply and how we've condemned our selves due to our need for a commercialized, industrial food supply. I promise you'll be amazed by it.

... that's about it for now ... more to come.

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