The end of an era...

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I sold the majority of my CDs today.

Actually, that's a partial truth. I sold a bunch of them at our garage sale a few weeks ago, for $1 each. I think I sold 40-50 of them, and gave away 5-10 (to sweeten deals for buyers of bigger items). That left me with about 200 CDs that I hadn't touched since around 2002. So, we took them down to a local buy/sell/trade CD store and asked if they'd be interested in "an entire collection" of CDs.

They went through every single CD. Some were worth $0.25. Others were worth $8. All in all, I left with around $300 for my CDs. I came home with about 20 - they either were scratched or were missing a part of the set or something like that...

It's funny. I look through my iTunes collection, and most of the songs are songs that I had on CD somewhere or another, but it was easier to buy them for $1 from Apple than it was to go grab the CD, extract the song, and then put the CD back... Anyway, it feels great to have those things gone - they just sat around taking up space and collecting dust.

Amy got back from Dallas on Saturday night. She got some good pictures, so hopefully she'll post those in the next few days.

We also cleaned our deck today (washed it by hand with brushes and wood cleaner/water); I think we'll stain/seal it next weekend.

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