TV doesn't work, but Internet is rockin'!

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So our cable TV has been on the fritz for the past two weeks... Cox has been out 5 times to try and fix it, all to no avail. But for some reason, my internet is working flawlessly - it's never been faster.

Check this out:


I just ran that test from and almost fell out of my chair. 15,000 download is the equivalent to TEN (10) T-1 lines. All for $39.99/month.

Unreal. It's going to be hard to dump Cox even if they can't fix my TV...

To give an idea of how fast this connection is, let's say I had to download a 100MB file (the equivalent of, oh, say 20 iTunes songs). With a dial-up modem, it would take about 5 hours to complete.

With a normal cable modem, about 36 minutes.
With a T-1, about 9 minutes.
With my current connection? 15 seconds.

Right now, when I buy and download an iTunes song, it literally "flashes" the word "Downloading," and I have it. That's so unreal.

I'm in love!

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