Bucky: 12-27-1994 to 7-31-2007

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My good friend, and first dog "of my own" died today at the ripe old age of 12.5 years old. His name was "Cayman's Go Big Red," or Bucky for short. I got him in March of 1995, showed him for a year or so, and then retired him to household pet in 1996.

He was a Chinese Shar Pei and was extremely healthy, all things considered. He had a bout with "Cherry Eye" (or prolapsed eyelid) that required surgery and forced him out of show-life. He then had some ear problems, and when I moved into an apartment in Madison, he went to live with my Mom & Dad.

He stayed with them ever since, as my Dad grew fond of him and took better care of him than I ever could have. He was a great dog - a true friend. We'll miss him greatly.

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