It's hot.

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My lovely (and by lovely, I mean junky) New Balance 1400 treadmill gave me the slip yesterday, and as I was falling forward, I smashed the LCD with my hand, which then caused me to come to an abrupt and sudden stop, which then led to me putting more weight on the LCD, which then cracked, leaving my treadmill useless. It wouldn't power up, nor would it respond to any button pushes. I checked the "safety switch" and it was fine - apparently when the LCD cracked it caused a problem with the logic board inside.

Thankfully, I was near the end of my run, so I folded the treadmill up and went inside.

I needed to run today, so I headed out to the local walking trail. It's a 1.8 mile trail, with a few small hills. I walked for 1 minute to warm-up, and then got to jogging. I normally listen to audio books while exercising, and "pace" my speed by the author's tone. On the treadmill, this works out to a pace of about 6.0 mph (or, a 10-minute mile).

Well, today was my first day running without the treadmill, and it was HOT outside - 95F when I started my run. The trail has markers every 0.1 miles, and I noticed that I had hit the 0.5 mile mark really quickly. I looked at my stopwatch, and I was at exactly 4:00 minutes, 1 of which was my walking. I was basically sprinting... I thought I felt really out of breath...

Try as I might, I couldn't regulate my speed; I hit the 1.0 mile mark at just under 8:00 minutes (including the 1 minute warm-up). I have NEVER run a mile in 7 minutes - ever. Not even in high school... I don't fully beleive the markers are accurate - there's no way I could've really run that fast, but nonetheless I had impressed myself, but was at the same time completely spent and out of breath. I could hardly breathe, and my side was aching like never before. I wanted to keep going, but I started walking, and it took a good 2 minutes before I could get my breath again.

At exactly the 10-minute mark, I started jogging again, trying to force myself to keep the pace slow, but at the 1.4 mile mark my stopwatch read just over 12:30. I stopped and walked the remaining .3 miles (or so) and finished my "run" in 18 minutes. Ridiculous!!!! How the heck can I slow down and "jog" the entire circuit twice rather than sprinting it? I guess that's the downside to a treadmill - it sets the pace for you and takes the strategy out of a run?

I'm happy that I ran so "fast" but at the same time am mad because it was a crummy run. While in Detroit (aka "hell") last week, I was doing 30 minutes continuous on the treadmills at 6.0 mph. Today, I "ran" about 1.2 miles and was dying.

The good news is that I "fixed" the treadmill when I returned home. The display won't work, but at least I can manipulate the speed. Word to the wise - if you're looking to buy a treadmill, DO NOT buy a New Balance treadmill. Worst $1000 I've ever spent...

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